All Ends (The Good Life)

by Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU)

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Produced, written, performed, and recorded by Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU), 7/19/12


Are you home yet?
Get in that big ol' bed
And let the choices that you made
Float around your head
Can't escape what you are
Your dreams and your values
Put you where you are
And when you dream of fancy things
And you damn the cost
You'll do just 'bout anything
Well, damn, you're lost
Pretty rings and fancy things
For your eyes to see
Desperately, hopelessly
Clinging to something
You used to be

I heard you're all about the good life
But you don't know what's good
You sacrifice your self and your soul and control
And that's understood
You ain't bout that good life
You about that cash
Anything to get ahead
And that ain't built to last

I heard you're all about the good life
But I know who you are
I got no time, got no laughs
Only truth from afar
You consume and you suffer
You're alone everywhere
You run away from yourself
Pretending that you just don't care
But when you're blinded by diamonds
Fast cars and the beach
Lost in a world
I never wanna see or reach
Coveting everything you see
To hunt what's next
Simmering, boiling
From resent into disrespect


I hear you're living the good life
Well, they say that you are
A novelty in a world full of ghosts
That you desperately spar
You say you wanna live a good life
And you gave up control
And in the process of getting paid
You had to give up that soul
I guess it costs for the good life
And you know what I see
You reappear over here
Searching through history
Strange time for the slumming
Go, make new memories
My life is so damn good
Cuz I'm where I'm supposed to be

(Vamp, real talk, end)


released July 23, 2012




Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU) Indianapolis, Indiana

Naptown's enigma right in your face.

#ATFU is the team and the foundation... 'All Together For Us'. What I done did? Five independent releases as the lead MC for Mudkids. Solo album 'Lazarus' available on iTunes. Made a dope album with Mr. Kinetik, 'The Professor And The Hustler', Google that. It's free.

First self-produced solo release, 'The Tinkerer' coming to Bandcamp by the end of 2011.
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