Speak Monster Speak EP (Evolving Project)

by Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU)



Remixes of 'Speak Monster Speak' and more from 'The Tinkerer' and tools for my minions to use to craft their own.

As I receive more remixes of 'Speak Monster Speak', I will add them to this album. This is a continuing study of evolution AND creation. Hence the 'EP' in this case standing for 'Evolving Project' as opposed to 'Extended Play'.

I have placed the 'Speak Monster Speak' acapella on this album with the hopes that producers, remixers, DJ's, and fellow Tinkerers download it and do whatever it is they see fit to make it their own. Please add on.

I'm very interested in hearing what people create along with me. If you feel like you have made something you'd like me to hear, my Twitter is @RustyMK2. Talk to me, if we aren't talking already.

'The Tinkerer' is available on iTunes and a link to go to the Daddy Real website is up there above all this long-winded stuff I'm saying. Heh.

The crew is #ATFU and so is the plan.

Follow @ATFU_ on Twitter. We add on and build every day, all day.




released February 27, 2012

Original version of 'Speak Monster Speak' available on 'The Tinkerer', available on iTunes. Order the CD at daddyreal.com




Rusty Redenbacher (#ATFU) Indianapolis, Indiana

Naptown's enigma right in your face.

#ATFU is the team and the foundation... 'All Together For Us'. What I done did? Five independent releases as the lead MC for Mudkids. Solo album 'Lazarus' available on iTunes. Made a dope album with Mr. Kinetik, 'The Professor And The Hustler', Google that. It's free.

First self-produced solo release, 'The Tinkerer' coming to Bandcamp by the end of 2011.
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